We are recycle

A leading waste management company, committed to the environment.

Highly Customizable
AfghanSafa is flexible in offering the service you require. Our collection bins are varied in size and we have dedicated in house facilities to recycle most consumables.
Packed With Features
AfghanSafa aims to meet all your waste management and recycling needs.
Awesome Support
AfghanSafa’s devoted customer service staffs are always at hand to answer any question you may have. We aim to resolve any query as soon as possible.
Made With Care
AfghanSafa aims to reduce Afghanistan's waste problem because we are passionate for the wellbeing of Afghanistan and the environment.

About US

Since the dawn of man, humans have affected their environment. While humans have always affected their environment, the character of that interaction changed distinctly between early humans and modern humans. Today human is consistently playing havoc with the environment. As a result environment has been degraded to such an extent that to revert back to what it originally was, is out of question. More population means more waste that is generated. As we see Kabul is one of the populous cities of Afghanistan, having 20% of the Afghanistan’s total population. Today we see every nook and corner of the city, village or town is laden with waste materials like bags, used cans, and bottles, glass, plastics, eatables, rotten fruits and vegetables.
These wastes are normally solid, and are the materials which are useless and unwanted. However, many of these waste materials can be reused, and if managed properly these become resources for industrial production or energy generation.

Our Purpose & Values

AfghaSafa are passionate about the improvement of Afghanistan and sustainability of the planet. We are fortunate to be providing services that help us to achieve our passions for our nation and the planet.

AfghanSafa has and always will look to innovate to become more efficient and use the most up to date technology. We are an ambitious organization with high aims and expectations and expect the same from our employees and stakeholders. AfghanSafa takes full responsibility to take care of our customers, employees and stakeholders and this can only be achieved through respect.

  • Experienced waste management team.
  • Fast and 100% reliable customer support.
  • Reduction of waste from Kabul's streets
  • Steady and sustainable growth.
  • Giving back to the community.